"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

big leagues

"be careful!"
brennan gets sick of hearing them.
i get sick of saying them.
and yesterday, we were sick of them a lot.
it was an "at each other's throats" kind of day in the morning.
i was feeling like a crappy parent.
he wanted me to play all day.
i wanted to clean up my house.
that sounds really dumb now.
then came the cookies.
i was making them for a luncheon,
but i didn't want any of us to eat them.
uh yeah.
toddlers don't understand "not now, later" when the fragrences of cookies are wafting through the air.
i resisted for about 30 minutes too long.
then my patience was gone.
i laughed for a few seconds, covered my face, and just gave up on not ruining his lunch.
it felt good to just relax about the entire thing.
man, i can get so uptight about some things.
so we ate the crumbs that fell through the cooling racks.
went to the luncheon.
where he screamed b/c i didn't have anything to give him but water.
then refused to eat.
i wished i had just stayed home.
then we came home.
i fed him pb&j.
he took a crappy nap.
and we went outside.
the afternoon sun saved us.
he fell off that slide backwards right after this picture.
he didn't cry.
he just wanted to get up and do it again.
boy, we're in trouble.
then he ate two handfuls of big league chew.
and swallowed it.
that should be interesting on the way out.
i loved that stuff.
i hope he learns gum soon.


Amy said...

Sun fixes everything. Bad moods dissipate when the sun engulfs everything like it did yesterday. I hope today is a million times better, and those dreaded words are not needed to be used today.

CJ Sime said...

All bad days come to an end . . .

Carlson Clan said...

Don't you just love days like that!!

Sue said...

And it just gets better...


beck said...

Oh man! Something to look forward to! Love the big league chew and love me some sun! Yesterday I was wearing my big coat and uggs when I went out for my alone time shopping trip. Hard to believe uggs at the end of May! We really do need to live closer to each other, like play date close, tanning bed close (LOL, what were we thinking???).

Jess said...

Big league chew= my childhood