"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, May 24, 2010

really nice.

even at the end of may,
i love a good snow.
b/c by august i've had it with the heat.
dr. scout master on the other hand,
along with the rest of the state of utah,
do not appreciate this kind of weather right now.
but if going out in a snowstorm on may 24th to take a picture of the snow for your wife is not love,
i don't know what is;-)
hey, i was nursing a baby, i couldn't go out there!
the power went out with a BANG! last night.
it was almost 5am.
i was up feeding max.
i always forget how dark and quiet things are when the power's out.
it was really nice.
i was thinking about my pork in the crockpot that didn't have power anymore.
listening to max breathe with a stuffy nose.
i asked dr. scout master if he thought the pork would be ok.
he mumbled yes and rolled over.
after that i slept like a baby.
smelling pork.
which isn't so nice at 5am.
or 8am.
but dinner cooking all day while it's snowing.
that's nice.
really nice.


keri said...

Just wait until you have your own house with your garden just planted and your annual flowers all planted to have it snow and freeze and kill all that money you just spent. It makes it not so nice at all. :(
It's really kills your mood actually.

Sue said...

I hope your electricity came back on faster than ours ever does. We seem to be singled out for abuse by Pacific Gas and Electric.


Jess said...

At least it didn't stick- AND the sun is shining again, an tomorrow will be 65. That's the only way I can handle a snow in late May or June- in and out no harm done

Amy said...

I enjoyed the brief snow storm. It made me happy. And the sunlight/sunburn I got yesterday made me even happier.

I love when the power goes out! That is just something so calm and serene about a few hours without any electronics.