"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

if pauly shore is there, i'm in.

i'm thinking 3 things about this pink letter i opened today.
1. i'm really hoping breastfeeding gets me out of this one.
2. the money would be nice.
3. grown up civic pride.
the part about thinking the money being nice.
but true.
but after sitting 8 hrs in the san mateo county court building at 18 only to be told
"thanks, but no thanks,"
i walked away empty handed.
no mula.
and not very excited to serve again.
so that takes care of #2.
8 hrs i volunteered to sit in a room.
a smelly room.
with blinding white walls.
in my blinding white CHICO STATE sweatshirt.
at 18.
i'm really hoping breastfeeding gets me out of this one.
i think this makes me unamerican.
dang it.
ok, if pauly shore is on the jury, i'm in.
my attitude sucks.
this could be fun!
now, back to that breastfeeding thing...


Jess said...

Jury duty- ick!

Brooke said...

oh it does- but even just being the primary care giver of a child during the day gets you out. I just got out of it a month ago. Good luck- unless you want to do it?!

Emmy said...

Nursing definitely gets you out. You should be able to send in the form before hand and not even have to go, it should get you out of any potential service for a year.

keri said...

I was called a couple months ago. I used morning sickness as an excuse, but they didn't take it. I still had to call. Lucky for me, I didn't get called in, but still, I dreaded that time every night that I had to call. I hope you can get out of it this time!

Sue said...

It gets you out of it in California!