"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 22, 2010

stinky the skinny bandit

max stunk this morning.
like really stunk.
and NOT like poo.
like stink.
like she hadn't had a bath since tuesday.
and had been in the same outfit since thursday...
or maybe it was wednesday night...
i can't remember.
so i let her soak a few extra minutes in her bubbles.
i love her eyes.
they weren't stinky.
but i still had to turn my head away when i was burping her this morning.
good thing we had time for a morning bath.
well, thin pizza.
or so it looks.
but i thought skinny sounded more exciting to eat.
the latest and greatest from my kitchen follows.
whole wheat dough.
no sauce.
moz cheese.
more moz cheese.
more whole wheat dough.

pinch the sides like a pie.
and a diet pepsi/dr pepper mix on the side.
a pizza pannini of sorts.
i couldn't stop eating.
make it tonight, you won't regret.
recipe below.
i can't wait for leftovers at lunch...
heaven bless saturday breakfasts.
whole wheat dough
1 c warm water, 1tsp sugar, 1 packet yeast, stir.
set in microwave, closed, but don't cook anything.
leave for 7-10 min until yeast puffs up on the top.
in the meantime...
2 & 3/4c whole wheat flour (or you could use white flour)
1 tsp salt
2 tbls oil
after yeast mixture is done, add to flour mixture and knead for about 5 min.
(i use the dough hook on my kitchen aid).
add about 1/2c warm water while the dough is mixing or being kneaded.
sometimes a little more.
(should look more wet than dry, like spiderwebs on the walls of the mixing bowl or tacky to your fingers--the moisture is THE KEY here. better too wet, than too dry).
spray pam in a bowl, put dough in bowl.
(should be too moist to roll into a ball. i just lump it in the center of the bowl like a ball).
cover with towel.
put in microwave, closed, but not cooking.
leave for about an hour.
flour on counter where you are rolling out dough.
separate dough into 2 parts if you are doing the pannini pizza.
roll out
(use more flour on top of dough so it doesn't stick to rolling pin).
cook 450* 16-17 min.
email me if you have questions.
happy eating:-)


Tiffany said...

I just wanna eat your baby girl up! A doll, an absolute doll!;)

Lisalulu said...

yum yum and I mean the pizza not max or 'B' although they are so cute I could play with them all day!

Amy said...

That sounds so yummy! I am going to have to try it on Friday... except I love my sauce. I actually love pizza without the cheese, and extra sauce and toppings. But it seems to fall apart more that way. So we stick with the cheese.

Sue said...

Sounds delish but a little too tricky for me...