"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 29, 2010


the girl intoxicates me.
even when she hasn't had a bath since monday.
she still smells like yummy baby.
i love kissing babies without teeth.
max laughs when you give her fast kisses.
she found her hands this week.
i saw her looking at one hand, rotating it around.
then grab it with the other.
shock on her face.
wow, look what i just caught!
it's a bird!
it's a plane!
no, wait, it's my left hand.
it just never gets old.
now, if she would just take her nap...
i think it's time to move her out of the bassinet.
we've had a week of summer rain.
with lightening bolts and thunder on the side.
warm air.
cool drops.
the pork loin and i stood out in it when we got home from beth's.
we practiced trying to catch the rain drops on our tongue.
why is it that they will fall everywhere but my open mouth?
he swears he was getting some in his.
who am i to tell the man he's not.
i left the door open while i nursed max.
he ran in and out squealing.
it lasted for 5 mintues.
then he only wanted to slam the door, while rooooooaaaaaring.
this was not conducive to getting a 6 mo. old to nurse.
so of course, i bribed him by Popsicle.
and we enjoyed ourselves a little longer.
i've spent the rest of the day wishing the rain would not leave it's humidity behind.


Mrs. D said...

I love your little peanuts... just too cute for words!

The Jackson Family said...

Is she moving to a crib? Is it Brennan's old crib or did you get a new one for Max?

Lauren DC said...

I keep thinking it's time to move Carson from our bed into his crib-- but I just enjoy cuddling him at night so much!
I love those pics of you and Max--- babies are just intoxicating-- every little thing about them!! :)

Gilbert Family said...

i looooooooove toothless smiles! they are so pure and cute! you are so poetic with your descriptions. bliss!

Meghan said...

So sweet! I totally understand the intoxication thing. Now everytime I go anywhere close to his face he opens his mouth really wide and starts breathing hard. Like he's trying to inhale me or eat my face or something. Love it. He sleeps in bed with us every night. Love that too. Don't want to move him to the crib any time soon. Good thing I picked out the fabric and design for his custom crib set ;o)

Amy said...

I am so jealous. I saw the gray skies, but got not a drop of rain. Insanely jealous.
And Max is so gobble worthy. I just want to gobble her up and take her home with me.