"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

throwing his spoon full of oatmeal.

i don't know why i make such a big deal out of mopping.
i used to make a big deal out of cleaning the bathroom.
i still make a big deal out of cleaning my tub.
when i say "big deal," i mean that i put it off in my head as this huge surmounting task that is going to take all of my time and energy.
but when i actually do it, it doesn't take that long.
and i feel great after.
so i finally mopped last night.
i can't wait to see what ends up on my floors today.
there goes brennan spoon of oatmeal.
no, i'm not kidding.
he really just threw it down.
and i just went over and really wiped it up with a sponge.
give it a few days and i'll be looking the other way to spills.
the only nice thing about a clean floor is feeling great that my floor is clean.
for a day or two.
but the really great thing about a dirty floor is feeling great that i don't care that my son is acting 2.
and throwing his spoon full of oatmeal on my floor.
let's get it dirty again.
in a few days...


Sue said...

My kids inevitably spilled something the minute I mopped my floor. Very annoying!


Amy said...

The gifts our children give to us. Tolerance for messes would have to be one of the biggest.

The Jackson Family said...

At least you weren't the one that spilled. That would just be insulting.