"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, August 12, 2010

hijacking: it's too good to be bad.

i have hijacked the scout master's laptop today.
glory be:-)
why is it that i can eat the unhealthy stuff,
but when it comes to my kids,
i'm all, "oh no, you shouldn't, it's not healthy."
i still let them eat it.
but it just seems more unhealthy to give it to them than us.
"the grown-ups."
well, him.
all max has had other than mush and oatmeal is a few licks of a cherry Popsicle.
it's okay for me to have a handful of m&m's at breakfast, but not my child!
well, this is what my brain has been trained to think.
but isn't it the same thing?
i think it's the same thing.
so maybe it's not so bad.
just not every morning...
like i gave him an ikea bowl of choc chips this morning.
the scout master gave me the "grown up" look.
so i said, "i was going to put them in his pancakes anyway."
but why does it seem worse in the bowl?

there is just something healthy about having this every few months.
it's too good to be bad;-)


Sue said...

Is that fry sauce?

Oh, all these years after leaving the U of Utah, I still crave that sauce...


Tiffany said...

Haha! It's like me telling my kiddos pop isn't good for them, as t I'm downing my diet coke! We're mommies now, we've earned our m&ms for breakfast!;)

Emmy said...

Oh I miss fry sauce. And yeah I totally do the same thing with unhealthy food

Jess said...

Why does it seem worse in the bowl? For some reason the flour and eggs trick our brains into thinking the chocolate chips have somehow, magically become not so bad.

Amy said...

It is hard living a double standard. But you have to have it sometimes! And there is nothing wrong with a bowl of chocolate chips if you were going to put them in the pancakes anyway :)