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Friday, September 3, 2010

cage free

slowly, but surely, i've found myself becoming an organic goddess.
it's expensive.
it's hippie.
it's something i swore i'd never do.
and it's now me.
i wonder if they play classical music for these chickens?
for $3.99 a dozen,
those chickens better be fed from golden platters!
about that grass fed beef...


Witness Protection Program said...

oy! I know how you feel. I REALLY REALLY want to go organic, but it is SO costly. I thought about starting with just milk. OUCH!!!

beck said...

You'll truly be there (hippy) when you are raising your own chickens to harvest their eggs. I hated it growing up but if we ever have enough land, I reluctantly say it may be in my future! If you buy local they may be less $$. My sister is raising chickens right now for the very reason in Riverton. Ah you may have a source! LOL!

Lauren said...

i know-- way expensive-- but worth it in my book!! We aren't 100% organic, but we keep (and are planning to keep) Carson as organic as we can... which means when he starts eating what we eat, I'll be hopping on that 3.99 a dozen bandwagon!!
PS If you buy the grass fed beef in bulk, it's actually not too much more. And there are some fairly affordable companies online you can order from.

Sue said...

I'm leaning more in that direction, too. My DIL would like to, but their budget won't quite allow it yet.


Missy said...

Welcome to the family, friend. here's my reasons plane and simple:

1) it's preventative medicine (why do they put cancer patients on all organic diets do you think?)
2) it tastes WAAAY better (especially meat & dairy and meat & dairy are the most important to be organic with bc of hormones).
3) it's food back to it's purest form (the way food was meant to be produced and eaten).

The cost factor isn't a bunch of bunk if you ask me. Honestly, how much does chemo cost? or going to the dr for that matter? seriously, i could go on and on.

I can tell you what produce is essential to buy organic and those that are fine to buy generic.

Congrats! This is a HAPPY day!!! Now for the looong labor day weekend HW assignment - rent "Food Inc" that'll just cement your decision.

Amy said...

I love those eggs. And somehow, as a mother it just feels better giving your children organic foods, doesn't it?

Emmy said...

Yeah... Not there with ya yet :)

Jess said...

That's why I love costco produce- and they have the eggs there too (whatever farm it is that's local- brown eggs.. yummy) for 2.99/18 eggs

keri said...

My mom sells her cage free eggs for around 2 bucks a dozen. You need to shop around!