"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


between the kids, work, searching for a house, broken dishwasher, broken toilet, sick babies, and lenders, i completely forgot how to be married.
sitting on the lawn with sean at the john mayer concert i thought about this.
in the first set we were side by side.
by the middle guitar acoustic we were cozy under the blanket.
by the last set we were cuddled and remembering what it feels like to actually date again.
free from stress.
free from responsibilities.
escaped from all of our duties for 3 hours.
pizza, soda, and a blanket for two.
the bajio hats were our ticket in.
we were "employees."
marketers, soTAspeak;-)
hot old man "the hook up" provided our tickets and he and mama nacho took the kids.
our $18 dinner made me wish we would have gone through a drive thru before we got to the amphitheater.
the group sitting next to us on the lawn made me glad i'm married with kids.
shocker of the night goes to the girl 10 feet away from us who decided to drop trout and squat on the grass for a potty break.
b/c man, those bathrooms down the stairs were just too far of a trek.
seriously, i've seen my fair share, but this one really threw me.
go ahead and vomit now.
we almost did.
it's better if you just turn your head and focus on the concert.
we also had an epiphany that highly intoxicated people, no matter the substance of use, are identical to toddlers.
they must be coerced and bribed to do what you want them to do.
they will throw a tantrum if the bribe is not better than what they want to do at that moment.
and they do things that embarrass the other people who are coherently responsible for them.
throwing themselves on the ground,
same thing.
also, i have learned in the past week that there is nothing more terrifying or stressful than buying a home.
i am tired.
the end.


Snarky Belle said...

You forgot how to be married....beautifully stated. And it happens. It's easy to become bogged down with life, living for the next event. When we finish school, when we finish residency, once we buy a house, when the kids are older, etc..... When Jared went to Iraq, I realized that's what we've done for 17 years. No more of that. We're going to enjoy every minute of right now, and never forget again.

The girl: Ewwwwww, just EWWWWWW!
Intoxicated people: You made me laugh!! So funny, and true.
Buying a house: Yes, stressful indeed. Big time!

Sue said...

When we went to John Mayer, the very drunk girl right next to us vomited all over the ground. It was lovely.

And I agree about buying a home. (but it's an exciting step!)


Lisalulu said...

that was great, a great date, a great dinner! a great analogy. Thanks for sharing all your joy!! (hope you have your computer back!)

beck said...

loved this post. Totally experienced the same thing with Ryan this past week that he had off. We vowed at least one date night a month without kids in tow and then trying to still have them the other week with him. I think our favorite is dinner in the park and then going on the swings. Totally agree about intoxicated people being giant sized toddlers and about buying a house too. I say take your time because they housing market isn't set to improve any time soon, at least here anyway. They actually predicted prices to go down more this fall. When its right it will be right. My best advice, don't rush it. It probably the biggest decision you'll ever make that will effect all of the other big decisions you've made. Ryan took on an exorbitant amount of stress once we bought our house because he felt so much more pressure to provide for us. He stresses over everything so its been harder on him than most. But I didn't really think about how that would affect him because I have so much confidence in him.

Amy said...

Does that mean you have found a home! Squeal! I am so excited for you, and I agree, buying a home is horrible. Good luck with everything.
Dating your spouse is awesome. I highly recommend it. And free tickets to a concert is always awesome. As for the squatting girl, I guess your date got a free floor show? Yuck! That is all I have to say about that.