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Monday, March 1, 2010

neb & mommy money

neb is back.
and the bulb syringe.
aka "nemesis."
i have to know.
does using the humidifier really do enough to warrant me having to wipe down the windows every morning?
so the framing doesn't get moldy???
i'm not convinced that it's really that worth it.
time is money people!!!
time is money!
and mommy money is worth WAY more.
especially in the mornings.
inflation is up in the mornings.
i think window wiping is worth $50,000 of mommy money b/c it has to be done in the morning.
at the same time as breakfast.
and all of the other morning chaos.

but you tell me.
to humidify or to not humidify.
that is the question.
in other news...
tsunami warning turned out to be a flop.
mama C reported several swells that came in and out of the beach they could see.
she is home safe and sound and tsunami free.
the pork loin was recorded at 102* last night around 11pm.
we're off to dr. lynch for the 24 mo. check/my chance to quiz the doc over the validity of the rsv swab done on saturday.
grandma gibson has been recruited to stay with max.
the scout master starts his last, SAY IT AGAIN LAST!!!!, internship today.
the end.


Proudfeet said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sad to hear the neb is back! Poor little B! Poor little Max! Poor mama! Hang in there! I am super close so if you need anything do not hesitate to ask! There may have to be a pot of tortilla soup hitting the stove top this week just for old times sake! I will keep you posted with the delivery date!

Sue said...

I hate to say it, but wiping down is probably a good idea. And maybe running a portable heater in there once in awhile to really dry things out.

Sorry. But we got mold once, and it is really the pits. And very bad for little people with chesty stuff going on.

Hugs to you. Hope the baby stays well!


The Medrano Fam said...

I don't think that the humidifier works, at least not for us. In fact I think it makes Charlie worse. My Dr. said that sometimes if too much moisture in the air for kids who have sensitive lungs doesn't help, he doesn't think it makes it worse but I do.
So, that's my answer...don't humidify it's not worth the clean up, but I'm not a doctor.
Sorry little man is so sick, not fun. Charlie was sick last week now, Matthew is starting to sniffle and sneeze, here's to praying it doesn't get any worse. We were in the hospital at one month with Charlie w/ RSV.

Amy said...

I love that you call it Mommy Money! That is awesome.
Thank heavens you have the 24 month check up and can get another look at the little guy. I hope he gets better soon.
yay for no tsunami!

beck said...

Ugh if I had to wipe down the windows every morning I'd have stopped the humidifier a long time ago. I agree with sue about using a space heater to help dry it out. Do you use a vaporizer with warm heat or a cool mist humidifier? I have noticed less residue on the window with the cool mist versus the warm steam from the vaporizer. But I don't know what I'm talking about really. Do you feel it makes a difference? Good info Kindra. Here's to hoping its not RSV but mostly hoping Brennan gets better soon and Max doesn't get it! Your mommy money sounds like Gav's allowance. Every since he was born Ryan tells him his allowance goes up a certain % when he behaves good and I think we are now at one hefty of an allowance. Might break us in fact! LOL! Good luck!

Fiauna said...

Lots of RSV going around. Hang in there, my friend.

Yay for the last internship!!

Danny, Jen, Kadee, Kambrie and Lillian said...

Poor Brennan... We had the comboo over the last few days too. Lilly and I had the stomach bug... NASTY!!! Only lasted about 20 hours for both of us though... Kam, on Sunday she got a cold... nothing too major, just snotty. At least she isn't hacking this time... at least not yet. I love the mommy money bit.. Is it ok if I use that?!?