"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

call john.

our car got oiled today.
and a new boot.
if you live in utah and need an honest mechanic,
john at ray's is your man.
it's john's garage, but it used to be ray's,
so he kept the name ray's,
but it's really john's.
just still called ray's. {801.561.5671}
get it?
fast, honest, AND friendly.
bieber fever was in heaven.
i caught up on family and life with john,
while bieber ran from tire, to under the car, to the engine hanging, to the tire, to under the car, to the tire, telling john and his other mechanic everything he saw.
max woo-ed all of the men with her smile and glittery eyes.
then john drove us all home and took the jeep back to his shop for the boot to get fixed.
so max could take a nap.
you won't get that at jiffy lube.
i think it's the left one.
the boot.
not jiffy lube.
and since i love NOT having a car payment,
john said we'd better get the boot fixed.
as much as i hate spending money on my car,
i love giving it to john.
plus, he reads my blog.
at least he used to.
and he was the best home teacher i've ever had.

seriously, call john for your car's needs.
btw, this bieber gets his haircuts for FREE.
he definitely does NOT pay $750 every 2 weeks for his haircuts like the famous bieber does.
i heard that on the radio yesterday.
started thinking about how we could pay off our student loans faster if the famous bieber paid me that $750 to cut his hair like my bieber.
you know,
because i'm already cutting my bieber's hair,
and it looks really good.
so i could cut the famous bieber's hair.
every 2 weeks.
for $750 each time.
now that is what i call a part time job.
i wonder how long it takes.
a few snips a month and you've paid your mortgage!
or snip,
i guess.


The Jackson Family said...

Not sure if the real Bieber will let you cut his hair in a bathtub though...

MiMi said...

Um. I have NEVER had a good time at the mechanic. Ever. I'm moving to Utah so I can go to see John at Ray's. Or John at John's that use to be Ray's and is still Ray's.

MiMi said...

But. Is actually John's now.

Amy said...

I love finding a good mechanic. We go to D&M and they are amazing. Though probably not as amazing as having a good friend take care of your car for you.

Sue said...

You are lucky to have an honest mechanic. They are not easy to find!


McVal said...

Bieber is actually John? or the other way around? Or Bieber is the new Ray...
You'll have to take me thru this again.

The Wilson Family said...

I miss you! and your littles. even though I've never them. and I miss scout master too. haha. I miss you all! I miss your sassy personality! miss you girl!

Emmy said...

Are you serious $750!! That is just wrong wrong wrong!!!

And so nice to have a mechanic you can trust