"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, January 23, 2011

big friendly giant {BFG}

tonight i am wearing my apron from dinner.
i made blt-a's.
with yellow tomatoes.
from my produce box.
and soft, juicy bacon.
brennan called them bfg's.
his new favorite book.
i'm not sure if he understands what we are reading,
but he definitely loves the sound of a reading voice.
and the idea of a big friendly giant.
i love that he loves to read.
to be read to.
when he's sad.
when he's tired.
when he has an owie.
a story will cure all of his ills.
with chocolate milk.
and a monkey.
and a woodie. {movie}
those are the things he asks for when something is wrong.
"weed a stor-ee, wit monkey, and a binky, and kok-et-wilk {chocolate milk: regular milk w/ovaltine}, and wat a woodie {watch a movie}."
after dinner i watched him run from the front room to the kitchen in only a diaper.
his stout little body.
thinning out.
smiling ear to ear.
big brown eyes and hair to match.
no longer a baby, but a little boy.
talking with this little accent that sounds almost french.
max was standing at the lightening mcqueen parking garage.
sean on the fainting couch.
i walked to the kitchen to get my water bottle.
picked up a few cars and a train on the way from the floor.
now they are all asleep.
and i looked down to find some trinkets in my pocket.
i love these nights.


Emmy said...

Yes when they start losing their baby fat it is like you can literally see them transform. Sounds like a perfect evening.

Brooke said...

do you do a csa?

Sue said...

And you describe them beautifully! Thanks for sharing.


Amy said...

I am so jealous that you get to read real books to your kids! Keith loses interest immediately if there aren't pictures... unless it is the scriptures. I don't get it (why he loves the scriptures so much) but I am okay with it.
And what fun they are as they grow, don't you think? Developing their personalities and making us laugh.

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Love that Brennan is so into reading. Addison is just starting to get that way, finally! Love how you write down these memories...I am sure that you will be glad that you did later on in life.

MiMi said...

Aww, that is so sweet.

McVal said...

That's so sweet! I read to my kids from chapter books every night until they were 10 or so. THen their schedules filled up and they didn't have time for Mom and Artemis Fowl... Or felt they could read it faster if I just left the room...
To this day tho, their favorite books are the ones I read to them. The Captive Princess especially, which is great because that's my fave too.