"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 27, 2011

extreme case of stubborn.

how long have you ever seen a child hold their pee?
i used to be a pro.
we are going on almost 12 hours here.
not to fret.
we even visited the pediatrician this morning.
thinking it was a bladder infection.
it is not.
just an extreme case of stubborn.
watching brennan do the potty dance around our house,
running man, while sitting on his potty.
squirming at the doc's office when she tried to get him to go.
i feel no guilt when i say,
it's down right hilarious.
brennan even had the pediatrician rolling.
sean, dr. chamberlin, and me.
all busting a gut as he sat on his knees dancing back and forth.
his little bum bouncing from left to right.
focusing so hard.
i've wondered if i'm pushing him?
doc says no.
if you ask him if he wants to wear his diapers,
he says no.
he obviously wants to go.
he tells you he wants to pee in the potty.
he wants his underwear.
and he doesn't want his diapers anymore.
it's like we are stuck in the denver airport,
waiting for our flight into iowa.
can't turn back.
but don't know how long it's going to be before we can get on our way.
except there's no tcby yogurt shop in my house.
no california pizza kitchen to tide us over.
maybe we can get to chicago.
b/c at least if we're in chicago we can walk on the moving sidewalk and look at the squiggly lights change colors overhead.
this coming from a girl who grew up in airports:).
are you following me?!
now he is running around the big room,
knees locked,
running in place.
have mercy.
this child is the reincarnate of me and my personality.
and i love him for it.
poor thing, lol.
doc's orders?
lots of fluids,
and dangle every reward in front of him we can think of.
on the table as of yet:
jumping on the tramp.
halloween bucket treats.
ice cream.
t-minus 5 hours until we have to go back for the catheter.
at least we know he can hold it.
that's great news.


aubrey said...

Hahaha... what a cutie. Sorry, been there. Three times.

Kindra said...

At least you know the he can hold it right? What ended up happening? Funny kid! My friends little girl did that when she was potty training,she only stopped when he couldn't hold it anymore and had an accident in front of her sister's kindergarten class. Pubic humiliation! Hey, a step in the right direction, at least he knows what he's doing!

Colleen said...

Woah! That is impressive! Looks like you've got your hands full.

Sue said...

That is so crazy! He must, indeed, be stubborn. I don't even think I could hold it that long, and I've had waaaaay more practice..


Lisalulu said...

ok, still waiting for the word that he was good and ready to go! oh these are the days that you will remember.. and be thankful that he is a teenager, haha

Amy said...

Wow! I am impressed. Wish I could see his potty dance. What a funny little boy. And I am guessing that is some serious stubbornness. Should serve him well in his life, but you will have a hard time with it, I am sure. I hope he didn't have to get the catheter.

McVal said...

LOL!! So he gets it from you or his daddy?