"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

heavy, wet, & sparkly

the snow we got yesterday was amazing snow.
heavy, wet, sparkly.
perfect for snowman building and snowball throwing.
the greatest snow on earth.
HEAVEN on earth:)
the weatherman said that if you shoveled your driveway yesterday,
it would have weighed about two tons.
no joke.
he really said that.
and he even showed us how he calculated the 2 tons.
if you had a standard sized driveway.
i did not shovel my driveway.
my neighbor used his heaven sent snowblower.
bless him.
i just couldn't get over how beautiful the snow was.
and SO fun to play in.
and warm!
so WARM!
blindingly sunny.
i definitely got some new wrinkles from squinting.
we put max in her crib, pulled on our boots, and had the time of our lives.
seriously, we did.
i taught the boys about snow eating.
only white.
no yellow.
no brown.
only white.
man, i hope they were listening.
two 3 yr olds throwing snowballs at you while you're trying to take a picture.
it's not pretty.
i had a wet bumb to show for it.
and snow in my face.
they show no mercy.
i'm sure that if my neighbors were watching they would have been laughing.
i sure was.
don't worry, i got them back good!!!
i mean really,
have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
i declare not.
then wilder body slammed our snowman.
i think they named him.
but i can't remember.
my favorite part of spring snow is that you don't have to wear your coat.
no gloves.
even if you make a snowman.
ESPECIALLY if you make a snowman.
i loved this day.


Gilbert Family said...

how magical! so lucky!

jen said...

How did you get your neighbors back?
And yes, gorgeous. Simply beautiful.

aubrey said...

Looks pretty but I'm sure glad we don't get that nasty stuff here too often... My kid has that same coat, perhaps the coolest coat I've ever bought for one of my boys. I LOVE the zip out lining. And I also bought it a size bigger than he needed. He'll be wearing that one for a while.

Way to pull out Fun Mom and play in the snow!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

It's a good thing your soo positive about the snow. I don't know that I would be at this point. Bring on springtime!!:)

MiMi said...

That first picture looks really magical! I like it!
And, in the above post...I haven't seen your L. :)
But I'm guessing your little bieber has a hiding place for things like that. My kids do!

Sue said...

That first picture is amazing! So beautiful.


PS. Looks like a fun, fun day, too.

A Little Thing Called Life. said...

LOVE the pictures! That first one is really beautiful, makes me feel a little appreciation for it! Just a little though ;)

Lauren said...

Oh! This looks SO fun! I'm just a tiny bit jealous of that beautiful white layer today...

Amy said...

Heaven sent!

Emmy said...

That first picture is awesome! Love how sparkly it is. Looks like they had so much fun together. Wonderful!