"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring snowy days

Spring snow.
It dumps and dumps pretty white flakes everywhere.
The sun comes out.
Everything looks clean.
And smells fresh.
I love to open my door and stick my face outside after it has snowed all night.
It wakes me up and puts me in a good mood.
March is my favorite month of a new year.
Snowy days.
Sunny days.
No coat needed on most days.
And the sun melts everything away to let us see the grass and pretend summer is close.
July is too hot to not appreciate spring snowy days.


Sue said...

You've got a point there. I remember summer in SLC when I was attending the U.



MiMi said...

I'm so tired of WINTER! I got out my hot pink polkadot purse today. Come on SPRING! No snow. LOL

Amy said...

As much as I am tired of this snow, I did enjoy the storm, and the aftermath sure is beautiful! You captured it perfectly.

Emmy said...

That is why I liked snow in Durango-most days that it snowed it melted halfway through the day

McVal said...

Yeah - we're getting snow again today. YUCK. It rained all day then by dinner turned into snow. I hope my kids stay safe on the roads tonight...

Jess said...

I did not appreciate this very much, because we came home to a giant leak in our ceiling- with cold wet heavy snow pouring onto the floor