"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 6, 2011

cheers summer: we can be friends now

i called sean today.
or he called me.
i can't remember.
and told him to stop by home depot on his way home.
to pick up a bee killer.
and a hummingbird feeder.
which i had to repeat three times b/c my phone kept cutting out at the first part of each word.
so all he heard me say was,
"home depot
and feeder."
can you hear me now???
we have tons of wasps and bees flying around the backyard this morning.
apparently they like the warm weather too.
go figure.
i hope they're not in the siding.
could they be in the siding??
brennan is of course afraid of bees.
since he stepped on one last summer by the underground hives at the family yard.
so every time he saw a bee he was running away screaming and shrieking.
he went so far as the "climb up my front" routine b/c one was going to "kill" him.
i killed one with my fly swata.
and we flushed it down the toilet.
that helped ease his pain.
then we got out the slip n slide.
where we were reminded that max doesn't like her bum to be wet.
she loved sitting in the water at first.
then she walked around on the slip n slide.
and fell like a man slipping on a banana peel.
soaked her hat and all.
and sobbed until we took off her swimsuit bottoms and got her a new bum.
this is what we call a new diaper at our house:)
then peace was restored.
we put sunscreen on three times.
i hope no one got burned.
the heat was perfect.
i can't imagine ever getting sick of summer right now.
but i know i will.
b/c my body was not made for anything over 80 degrees.
at the end of july.
i always start whining about the heat.
and forlorning for the crisp fall air that october brings.
but maybe i won't this year.
we shall see.
max's eyes are puffy from rubbing her eyes and getting sunscreen in them.
i'm out of popsicles.
how can this be?!?
maybe i need to call him back to make a popsicle run too.
no one got stung by a bee.
no one fought.
and by some miracle everyone shared.
i cannot believe the stars all aligned.
this usually happens,
except today i guess.
the boys made a car wash.
and put on goggles.
max had to do what they were doing.
the entire day.
it was really cute.
this has been my favorite day of the entire year.
cheers summer.
we can be friends now.
oh man,
i love these kids.


JAX said...

OMG max is beyond adorable!

Jen P said...

Such a great post! I love all the pics :) It's crazy to me that last Saturday you had a yard full of snow and today you broke out the slip n' slide and everyone is in swim suits.

Sue said...

Utah's weather is pretty changeable, isn't it?

From frostbite to sunburns!


Bitter Family said...

Love the goggles on with the slip n slide! Priceless!

Lauren said...

goodness Max is ADORABLE! Love her little suit-- she looks ready for summer, that's for sure!
Soon it will be too hot here for me to want to be outside at all... that will be a sad, sad day for Carson.
I think I need to get me something like that water table thingy you have-- looks very, very fun! :) and easy!

Brooke Nielsen said...

It was so perfect! I needed a day like this :)

Aunt Judi said...

Everything looks wonderfully fun and delicious. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys. Aunt Judi.