"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

and then we were all tired and grumpy

today brennan figured out that max will be his personal slave,
no questions asked,
whenever and for whatever he wants.
"max, i want my water."
max brings it over.
"max, i'm done with my water."
max takes it away.
"max, i want my water,"
max brings it again.
"max, i'm done."
max takes it away again.
and so on and so on.
this went on for ten minutes.
and no matter what she was doing she would turn around and walk over to give him his water and then carry it away for him.
it was pathetically cute.
i went to yell call at him to stop,
but she just seemed so happy bringing him his sippy cup of ice cold water.
my roses bloomed over night.
and while max took a nap brennan and i went on vacation in the backyard.
whereupon i learned he makes a fantastic laying out buddy.
i have never seen him so calm for such a long period of time.
and i quote,
"i like this mom. i warm."
when we got too hot we put our feet over the side of the pool and threw rocks in.
add it to the top ten favorite moments i've had with brennan.
 and then we were all tired and grumpy from being out in the sun all day.
and i declared to sean that i absolutely canNOT wipe max's nose one more time.
i told him
that i had to call poison control again
{weekly occurrence}
b/c when i called to ask the pediatrician how much allergy medicine max could have
{hoping this cold is just hay fever or whatever}
i found out that i've been doubling the dose brennan is supposed to get for the past two years.
so i've been double dosing him once a day for the entire time he's been taking it.
and when i joked with the nurse on the phone about him having that third arm and well,
"this would explain it,"
she didn't laugh.
she recited the poison control number.
to which i said,
"well, he's been fine this far, does it really matter?"
at which point she AGAIN did not think i was funny.
so i called my favorite number with all of the 2's in it,
and they took my name and number,
and told me to cut the dose.
but really,
he's been fine so far.
and all i really want is for max's runny nose to be allergies.
b/c i just cannot wipe her nose one more time.
but i can definitely put my feet in the baby pool.
for hours at a time.
it's a happy place:)


Colleen said...

Oh my gosh, the Pork Loin picture is adorable! I love fat little boys.

The laying out sounds sooooo wonderful.

And I would have laughed at the third arm joke. I'm sure the kiddo is fine.

Sue said...

Sounds like your summer is going well!

Other than overdosing your kid, of course...


Amber said...

You guys are so cute!

The job of a big brother is to be a servant to his little sis...for now anyway! ;)

McVal said...

Man! Your kids are stinkin' cute!
Yeah - she'll slave for him now but it won't last...
I'm glad there are no lasting affects of the allergy meds!

Emmy said...

This post made me laugh (the slave thing will end- she will catch on someday), say awe (the laying out thing) and made me say Doh! And that sucks- glad he is okay. Phew! You took me on a ride girl!

Amy said...

Max is adorable. I love how much she worships her brother. He is a good brother to her or she wouldn't be so willing to serve him. So sweet.
I love your backyard vacation. Reading things like this makes me want to be a better mom. Thank you.