"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cute like mine.

there were certain things about my body that i didn't like hated growing up.
i would stand in front of the mirror and obsess over them.
there was an overall self loathing.
and don't even get me started on the scale.
i looked at my kids today in their little swimsuits.
playing in the sun.
and the heat of june.
and i couldn't stop myself from thinking how cute their little bums were.
the little bits of this and that here and there.
and it got me thinking,
man, their stomach's are cute like mine.
their legs are cute like mine.
their arms are cute like mine.
their bums are cute like mine!
this body that i have.
that grew and born the two most beautiful bodies i have ever seen.
that fed and nourished these two tiny people.
{tiny is of course relative with brennan}.
and i couldn't believe i spent so long hating my body,
loathing my body,

that's perfectly cute like theirs.
and it's been that way all along.
lesson learned.


The Jackson Family said...

We sometimes forget (or deny) how beautiful we are, but one glance at our kids who look just like us is enough to bring us back to reality :)

(still lovin' those polka dots!!)

Gilbert Family said...

very touching. thank you for sharing! i totally thought the same thing! but now it would be nice to have the body i had in HS and i thought it was hideous back then. you are such a beautiful woman...inside and out!

Lisalulu said...

they are all so cute!!! and BLAKE too. how fun to have all those get togethers... in warm weather!

Kindra said...

So true, I'd kill to have the body I did in hs, but then again the love handles are so worth those little kiddos! But really, nothing could be as cute at a little girl in a teeny weeny polka dot bikini!

Sue said...

It's funny how off kilter my judgment of my body was. I look back at pictures where I thought I was fat, and I am thin as can be in them.

Wish I'd had the sense to appreciate it at the time!


jen said...

I've been fighting this self-image thing a lot lately. Thanks for a reality check.

Colleen said...

GREAT post, and adorable pictures. I love that little red suit!

I have also felt happier with my body since the baby.

Emmy said...

Love her bathing suit! So cute

Amy said...

Cute like you. Yes they are!