"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 11, 2011

when i say "clean," i mean there was nothing in it.

dog was dropped in the clean toilet bowl.
by bieber himself.
and when i say clean,
i mean there was nothing in it.
i do NOT mean i cleaned it this week.
or today.
i mean there was just nothing in it.
which lately means clean.
and it appears by the looks of it that this toy would not do well in the washing machine.
lots of lights and sounds that don't unattach.
so i don't know what to do with it.
but i don't want to throw it out.
and i once heard on oprah that your toilet bowl is more clean than your kitchen sink.
but i'll bet oprah's toilet bowl is cleaned every day.
and mine is not.
but it is cleaned more than my sink.
and if the dog dropped in my sink i would surely not be worrying about washing it.
it would already be mixed back into the toy bins.
but now it is sitting on the counter top.
of our half bath.
waiting for its fate.
which i have not yet decided.
i'll get back to you...


Amy said...

The death of a toy. So sad. I would consider how the toy was played with. If it ever went in or near the mouth, it would be in the garbage right now. Otherwise, I would be deliberating long and hard about what to do with it. I am stumped. Good luck!

Sue said...

Do you think it would survive the dryer?

Or how about just a quick wipe with those antibacterial wipes? That's the best idea, I think.


beck said...

Just wash it by hand with some warm soapy water so that it isn't soaking in water. Unless it was sitting in there for a long time absorbing water you're good with washing the outside to limit the amount of water absorption. Just lightly rinse in sink (but make sure to clean your dirty sink or dont let the dog touch the sink mind you!) You'd be surprised how those toys hold up with some water and if it doesn't survive being hand washed, then toss it. Better to try then not and throw it, I think. Don't the germs die after a certain amount of time too? Just make sure it dries out good afterwards, maybe put it out in the sun.

Emmy said...

So what did you do???