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Sunday, June 5, 2011

lawn mower races

{"lawn mower races"}
what do you set your air conditioner at?
what time?
what time does it change temps?
what time does it come on?
is it set for different temps throughout the summer?
i've never had one of these before.
unless you count my car.
or the window one we used in our basement apartment.
which i don't.
b/c central air is in a class of its own.
hello summer happiness:)
i've looked forward to you for a LONG time.
and i'm going to use you.
and enjoy you.
every minute.
of every day.
oh how i love air conditioning.
{have you read "the help"? i love the part where she stands in front of the air conditioner and blows out the power b/c she turns it on high. my kind of girl.}


The Jackson Family said...

I have no idea how to set the timer for mine since it's not digital, but if it's a warm day, we'll set it for around 71 so it doesn't get too cold. Unless it's smack dab in the middle of summer, we don't have it on at night.

And yes, central air is the shiznit.

Sue said...

I keep mine at anywhere from 72 to 75. But remember, I'm an old lady with hot flashes.


aubrey said...

Down here on the surface of the sun mine is set for 75. All day and all night... but when I get hot and miserable I knock it down a few more. Apparently every degree below 78 or something costs you some percentage more on your bill yada yada yada... and I just don't care. I refuse to live with the blessing of central air and still be hot and miserable.

Amy said...

Aubrey is right about it needing to be 78. But then, if it is set on 78 it feels like you are still slowly roasting to death. I always keep mine on 70*. That is perfect. Summer time it is set to 70. Winter time the heat is set to 70.
I always turn it off around 9:00 and open all the windows. The cool night air cools my house enough so I don't have to turn it on again until around 10:00. But only if I shut the windows when I wake up to trap the air in. Make sense?

Lauren said...

When I first moved to AZ, i kept it at 73 and that still felt hot... Now I keep it at 81 when we aren't home all day (so our stuff doesn't melt and we aren't dying when we walk in, before the AC cools the house lower), and 78 when we are home, 73-75 if we are cleaning or working and are getting hot... Because 78 is still hot in our house... but it's liveable and I don't want to pay more on our electric bill than I have to!