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Saturday, July 30, 2011

the artichoke

how much nutritional value do artichokes really have?
this is what sean and i were talking about over dinner the other night.
i mean really,
you get the little bit of meat on each leaf (which you dip in butter AND mayo),
and you do this until you get to the heart which you subsequently slather dip in butter AND mayo again.
so my question is,
is there even enough in there to be nutritional,
if there is something in there worth some kind of nutrition in the 1/4 cup of vegetable you actually end up eating,
how much of it is cancelled out by the butter AND mayo?
important dinner conversation.
open for comments.


Anonymous said...


Sue said...

My comment is this:

Not much nutrition.
Lots of fat.

I don't care!


Sue said...

PS. Because I'm going to keep eating and loving them anyway...

Emmy said...

If it's the only way your going to eat it- well then so be it!

The Jackson Family said...

It's green so it counts! Also some people eat the heart, but I don't.

Amy said...

It is a vegetable. It doesn't matter how you prepare it, it is a vegetable. Which means healthy, right? :)

Lauren said...

I loooove artichokes, plus they remind me of home (HMB-- my grandpa used to grow them in his garden). I also find that if I can spice them well enough, I don't feel the need for mayo/butter... (Will still does, but I can do without because I love the artichoke taste so much). Anyway, Juice of 1/2-1 lemon depending on how many you are cooking, then some dried herbs of choice and a little salt on top-- I think it makes it quite tasty on it's own!! :)