"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july will do that to a person

so far today,
brennan has peed on my stairs.
and IN my dryer.
yep, you read that right.
that's what i was asking myself when he told me.
my brow furrowed.
head tilted a little.
so when i walked into my laundry room and found a puddle of pee in my dryer i said,
"oh, you really peed in my dryer."
and he said,
"yep, that's what i said!"
well ok.
since he peed on andrea's carpet last week too i guess it's safe to say we've ruined our 2 month streak of being accident free.
well then, i suppose we can be grateful it's only pee:)
we mormons celebrated pioneer day this weekend.
basically a 4th of july,
round 2.
where we remember the pioneers that crossed the plains and settled the beautiful valley of salt lake.
oh how glad i am that we got to soak in the celebration all day.
with fireworks and s'mores in the rain at night.
i am officially on my way to being summered out:)
july will do that to a person.


Davis Family said...

Thanks for all of your comments! At least I know there is one person in this world that reads my blog. haha! I miss you!

Emmy said...

Oh no! I wonder what made him pee in the dryer. The pictures are great though- very awesome captures at the splash pad.

Sue said...

Kids get the strangest ideas, don't they? Peeing in the dryer!

Of course, right?


The Jackson Family said...

At least you know he has aim!

Amy said...

HA! That made me laugh. And the 24th is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I had to work so missed out on all the festivities.