"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(the house on the left is my parent's lake house. for real this time;)
every bribe the entire week revolved around one phrase:
"if you don't_____________,
you can't go on the boat."
it was a true gem.
and worked every time.
my name is emily,
and i bribe my children to get them to do what i want.
most of the time:)
both pairs of my sunglasses broke on the boat.
it was sad.
i am still sad about it.
my favorite memory of our trip just might have been when my dad was teaching brennan how to water ski.
we told him there was only one rule:
hold on like mad,
DON'T LET GO.and the little dude held on like mad.
the entire way.
never let go.
such a champ!
but he did come out crying b/c
"there was too much water in his tummy."
love that kid.


The Jackson Family said...

It's only a bad bribe if it doesn't work ;)

Sue said...

I like your methods!


Emmy said...

How awesome that he is already learning to ski! I don't know if my kids would now be brave enough

Amy said...

My new goal in life. Acquire a Lake House. Somehow. Complete with boat. So I can stop envying Emily.