"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 2, 2011


 normally there's not this much snow left in the mountains.
usually the last patch melts the final week of july.
this year, flood warnings in utah have been like tornado warnings across the plains.
there are at least one a day.
i've never lived in the plains.
is that even true??
just saying,
we get them a lot.
not tornadoes.
flood warnings.
and watches.
worse than the floods of '83 says the weatherman on channel 5.
and my grandpa tabery.
when state street downtown flooded.
for several weeks.
3 to be exact.
says sean's grandma.
and state street is like our Pennsylvania avenue.
a big deal.
which is why sean fixed our negative grade.
b/c he's a boy scout.
and you can never be too prepared.
you know,
it is their motto.
scout's honor.
i swear.
something it appears utah is really good at.
not swearing.
just being prepared.
seeing as state street has not flooded this year.
despite 200% above average precipitation.
{a whole lot of melting snow}
or something impressive like that.


Amy said...

The first photo is my favorite, though it was hard to choose. Such a cutie!

All this flooding is amazing. Part of me wants it to flood just so I can see it, and slosh through the water down State. But I know that would be bad, so I don't want it to happen.

Lauren said...

Max is just so cute!!