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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

85 year old teeth

because my teeth are 85.
now i can drink without a straw and eat ice cream again.
not that i want to drink without a straw.
but sometimes you need to.
like when you drink milk.
i don't like to drink milk out of a straw.
and eat grapes on my left side of my mouth.
the left side has been neglected.
and the right side over worked.
yep, my teeth are 85.
but they are straight.
despite 14 years of thumb sucking and no braces.
go 85 year old teeth:)


Sue said...

I've always wondered if Sensodyne worked. Maybe I should give it a try.


Amy said...

You make me laugh. I have to use Sensodyne because my teeth have always been super sensitive. Other tooth paste is too harsh and makes me feel like I have cavities. Glad I am not the only one. And I am jealous about the no braces. Really. You have no idea.

McVal said...

oh... I think I may need to start using that. Ever since my last dentist appt, my top left and lower right are extremely sensitive to hot and cold especially.

beck said...

Have you tried toothpastes without whitening in them? Usually its the whitening in them that is the problem. You really have to read labels to make sure its not in there because most these days have it. Switching to no whitening for me did the trick for me thank goodness. Crossing fingers it doesn't come back in that area or it may be a bad sign. boo hoo! And yes, you are very lucky to have straight teeth without braces. :)

Keri Reading said...

Jeff has to use that too. It's kinda spendy, but I guess it's worth it. right?

Ellen Williams said...

We have Sensodyne, Crest Pro-health Enamel Shield & Crest pro-health kids in our house. The kids have sensitive teeth due to weak enamel, side effect from being preemies. Joe has the most issues. They really like Crest Pro-health and actually try to hide it from each other :)

Melanie Pike said...

I have to use that toothpaste too!