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Friday, August 26, 2011

5 pairs of sweaty socks

3 toddlers, 2 moms, and a baby bowling meant that two balls went down the lanes a few times at the same time.
Thank you good customer service and a friendly staff.
Especially when max dumped her entire soda on the floor as we were walking out.
Pretty Awesome:)

See baby jack???
Brooke would put him down and try to bowl before he caught up to her.
He's fast.
It was close every time.
I think he thought he could be the ball.

We decided bowling shoes are awesome.
And baby max needs a pair of saddle shoes.
By the end both boys were playing games on our phones and max was taking everyone's turn.
We left with 5 pairs of sweaty socks.
That part was gross.
The rest was not gross.
It was LOTS of fun.
THANK YOU BROOKE and your groupon deal:)
I've about had it with my broken computer.
But I've learned to survive without it.
Who knew?


Lisalulu said...

oh you guys... looks like fun, and nice that you live close enough to get together... I'll think of you when I arrive in HMB Monday!!!!

Gilbert Family said...

first of all...i had no idea they made bowling shoes that small and second of all that is the cutest thing ever! im glad they are such great friends! glad that there is so much to do where you live! esp in the heat! xoxo

Gilbert Family said...

i had no idea they made bowling shoes that small! that has to be the cutest thing ever!!! i am glad your kids are such good friends. thats the best! i am also glad that you have so many fun kid things to do around you, esp in the heat. xoxo

Gilbert Family said...

wait, did i leave 2 comments? i thought it erased the first one. sorry. you can delete the second one and third one. haha

The Jackson Family said...

OMG, I can't get over the tiny bowling shoes!!!

Sue said...

Really? Little Max drinks soda??

My DIL would be scandalized.


Amy said...

What a delicious outing for both mom and babies! You come up with the best ideas ever. Seriously, I am going to have to compile a list of all the fun things you have done and copy you.

Brooke said...

we had so much fun! Blake loved having Brennan come to "his Park City" and he's been talking about bowling ever since. Thanks for coming!!!