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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harvest Days '11

Kid dream=parade
Stand on a curb and have candy thrown at you.
Doesn't get better than that.
Except it does.
Bc this parade throws out otter pops too.
And it was hot.
I may or may not have "shared" max's.
And by "sharing" I mean I opened it for her, she had a lick or two,
and then I distracted her so I could eat the last half myself.
My favorite part was when Brennan put his hand over his heart when the American flag went by.
Complete with a marching band and max crying when the fire engine honked.
Love me the Harvest days parade.
Now bring on the fall:)


The Jackson Family said...

Brennan's reaction to the flag is right up there with JFK Jr. saluting his dad's coffin.. very patriotic and adorable :)

Emmy said...

That is awes e! Can't believe they were even handing out otter pops! How cool is that!

Amy said...

AW! So cute of Brennan.
That parade wasn't very crowded, was it? But they threw otter pops? That is a top notch parade! And amen to the bring on fall!

Sue said...

Harvest Days parade already? Wow. They mean business over there in Utah, don't they?