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Thursday, September 29, 2011

lately, this is how it's been going...

lately, this is how it's been going...
when someone is completely out of pajamas or underwear
OR if someone poops {pee can dry and be left in the laundry room longer--this is my theory},
i decide it's time to do laundry.
at which point it will take the entire first half of the morning/day to motivate myself to carry the chosen white or dark load down the stairs and place it in the washing machine.
it may or may not take several hours for the load to be started depending on what my two small children decide to do in the time it takes me to walk to the laundry detergent.
sometimes we get lucky.
today we did not.
today brennan pooped in his underwear during that time and laundry was put off to deal with that lovely issue.
two hours later when i remembered to start the laundry machine it finally got going.
the afternoon and evening are spent trying to motivate myself to put the now wet laundry into the dryer.
i usually think about it four or five times from 2pm-10pm before i do anything about it.
the wet laundry in the washing machine.
this process is drawn out longer if it is the dark load because i hang dry most of the darks.
and i am embarrassed to say i even dry most of my kid's clothing.
it lasts longer and looks better.
that is why.
and i've done it for my clothes since i was 14.
then finally around 10pm i consider leaving the wet clothes in the washing machine over night and running it again the next day.
then i imagine the same process and being in the same place at 10pm tomorrow night with no pajamas and no underwear and get to moving the clothes into the dryer.
and sometime after we are all asleep i am sure it finishes drying b/c i wake up the next morning to a dryer full of...
wait for it...
heaven bless the washer and dryer.
said dry clothes will remain left in the dryer for several days until someone is completely out of pajamas or underwear
OR until someone poops.
and the process will begin all over again.
this is starting to remind of the "if you give a mouse a cookie" books...
i also got my flu shot today.
my arm still hurts.
but i'm so proud.
i wanted a sticker.
they did not have stickers.


Kindra said...

Glad I'm not the only one, and I'm not even pregnant!

Sue said...

I'll be getting mine soon!


McVal said...

They don't give suckers anymore! dang it.
I have days when the wash can sit in the washer all weekend until I feel like running it again.

Amy said...

I hate laundry. I always have. It is even harder living here. And I am not even preggers! Heaven help me when I am. I am sure I will run into the same process. Sigh.