"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my $21 iTunes bill

i can already tell you i started listening to christmas music about three weeks too soon.
and now it's too late to turn back.
i'm in it.
and it's been wonderful.
i'm just not sure it will still be wonderful in another 40 days.
the love affair you know you should run from,
but can only run toward.
and every night when i'm making dinner,
minus the last three nights that max has been watching barney on my computer,
i have it on.
softly playing.
making me feel warm.
and happy.
blissfully content.
i also must confess i just got a $21 bill from itunes.
all christmas music.
ella fitzgerald
frank sinatra
burl ives
bobby helms
bing crosby
the andrews sisters
paul mccartney
diana ross
and justin bieber.
minus two songs i bought from last night's GLEE episode.
it's more than lovely.
which i listened to three times in a row when the kids were riding bikes today.
the two GLEE songs.
and i danced in my chair to it every time.
with possible arm movements and leg kicks.
scarf wrapped around my neck.
sunglasses on.
face in the sun.
big black puffy coat.
ugg boots.
and three layers of clothes underneath.
it was SUPER COOL.
until it wasn't.
when my neighbor caught me.
which was fine.
b/c it was awesome.
dancing in my chair.
with my kids riding bikes.
and bringing me flowers to put in my hair.
sometimes dead leaves too.
sun out.
and the smell of snow in the air.
you better watch out,
you better not cry,
you better not pout,
i'm telling you why,
santa clause is coming to town!


The Jackson Family said...

I've already played All I Want For Christmas Is You several times :D

Which two songs from Glee?

Alicia said...

You and I are so similar, Emily! It's awesome! I seriously laughed through most of this post because I can COMPLETELY relate. haha! Merry Christmas! :)

Amy said...

Love the aquarium! We are going for Faye's birthday. How on earth did you get such great pictures there?
Christmas music. Sigh. I may decorate for Halloween in August, but I will never listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Unless it is snowing. I will make an exception for snow.

P.S. You make me laugh.

Emmy said...

Can totally picture you doing that! I've resisted the music so far