"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 5, 2011

he grew, or i did

he grew.
in the last two weeks.
or i did.

i finally "get" what everyone was talking about with your third baby.
i thought they were wrong.
b/c they said it would happen with max.
and it didn't.
i just carry my babies inside.
this is what i told them.
until 26 weeks.
'tis no longer so.
b/c apparently my body now pops out a 26 week belly at 22 weeks.
or maybe it was the peanut butter cheesecake...


Emmy said...

Awe your belly is so cute! And yea the third does happen a lot faster

Stacy Gilbert said...

i think it was the cheesecake;) you look great!

Jen said...

I was in maternity clothes at 12 weeks with my third baby...no hiding that one ;)
I think you look great!!

The Jackson Family said...

I don't nor will I ever have a third but my second popped out a lot sooner. At 22 weeks with Lauren I looked how I did at 26 weeks with Tyler!

Names yet? I'm all about the names!

Jessie B said...

Em! You are sooo cute!

Lisa Lowe said...

Love your shirts in the pictures! You look great!

Aunt Dana said...