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Thursday, December 8, 2011

extravaganza review {jan, feb, march}


and so it begins...
we literally spent the entire winter sick.
and when i mean entire,
i mean
every day of
every week of
every month
from december 2010 thru may 2011
there was someone sick in our family.
there was the costco purple smoothie incident.
not pretty.
i still cringe at the thought of the smell.
{insert stomach flip here}.
{and here}.
{and here again}.
i admitted my love affair with the doorbell ring of the UPS man.
beth created a cookie recipe just for me.
{note: for all beth lovers, not to fret, keep your eyes open for a new segment coming soon!}
i deleted an entire month in the calendar.
you may refer to it as january.
the month is no longer celebrated in our home.
it was THAT rough last year.
and yes, i'm just being dramatic.
no surprise there.
i wrote an ode to max.
she had no hair back then.
i had no idea.
we searched sundance for Steven Spielberg,
and got the juiciest steak ever created instead.
fair trade.
it was a rough.
and then it wasn't.
but that was two attempts and 6 months later.
look at his little baby face.
i prayed and prayed and prayed for an early spring.
in vain.
despite the groundhog.
grandpa came to visit.
without kids.

it was great:)
and i remembered her birthday.
it was sad.
but now i don't mind it.
max started to grow hair.
and brennan and max discovered they were friends.
and started playing together.
and his trusty dog max.
pun intended.
brennan turned 3.

and was still wearing diapers.
but the capes and beth's oreo cake are what i remember about that day.

the snow in march was the greatest snow to fall in utah all year.
trust me,
i know my utah snow.
max got RSV.
fought ear infection after ear infection.
we found garlic drops.
which brought peace.
and joy.
really, i'm being serious.
and then i decided i was going to grow a garden.
or strawberries rather.
which turned into a garden.
even though the strawberries never grew.
imagine that.
max found her tongue.
and we celebrated our irish blood.
"for the kids."
and then we gave up on potty training.
and celebrated with cotton candy.
at our defeat:)
so look back my friends.
link up and look back.
you'll be glad you did.
unless you don't.
which i promise you'll wish you did.
especially b/c if you don't link up,
then you can't win.
8 lovely gifts,
from 8 lovely ladies.
and maybe a partridge and a pear tree.
so link up!
{every week for an extra bonus entry}
and review with us.
so you can
and i don't necessarily mean the 8 gifts.
although i hope you do.
b/c that part would be great:)


Date Girl said...

oh my goodness your kids are adorable! Brennan looks so scared of that potty. And Max finding her tongue, priceless! So sorry you were sick for most of January. Bleck! Here's hoping there are no repeats of that next year.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun and busy year, well beginning of the year. I loved when my boys first learned to play together, made life a lot easier.

Jen said...

What a sweet and wonderful look back! I love how you did this! Love the pictures and the sweet words to go along with.
Great job!!

Jill said...

I'm loving reading these recaps! Your pictures are wonderful. I clicked on the link to the cookie post and almost drooled all over my desk. That cake is pretty awesome as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...ya'll had a ridiculous amount of stuff happen in just three months!!! My life is never this exciting! :o)

Connie said...

I always wanted to go to Sundance when I lived in Utah....but I never made it.

Chell said...

Hey! New follower through the Recap 2011! Seems we were sick alot also last year.... but not that much. Adorb pics!

Emmy said...

I forgot that you guys were sick so long! A lot of big things happened those three months. The kids starting to play together is huge as it makes life so much easier and more fun- well when they get along.
And look how young they look! So adorable!

Thanks for being one of the cohosts again :) Great recap!

Sue said...

This is so cool that I am going to try and get myself to do it on Monday. It's so much work going through it all, but the end result just might be worth it.

Thanks for the inspiration, Em. Wish me luck. And don't make fun of me if I fail to make myself do it.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I loved your recap! Except for the sick forever part--that's just miserable! Though your family is absolutely adorable! I'm hoping I get a whole day of snow skiing without kids this year or even a few hours. I LOVE to ski, but haven't been in years!

Oh and the link to those cookies--those look sinfully good.

Lourie said...

That purple puke story is the worst. I can't even imagine. Well maybe a little. bleah! January was not kind to you.

My Mercurial Nature said...

Oh my word, those pictures are just adorable! And cancelling out the entire month of January may not be a bad idea!

MiMi said...

I love that I remember so much of this! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I am FOR SURE using pictures next week! I so enjoyed looking back. Very cool post, girly! Max's tongue is so long! I LOVE IT! Emma has a long one too.

That snow is crazy girl! Emma turned 2 today and we've been attempting to use the potty more and she goes on most occasions but I'm not pushing her yet. I'm sick of diapers though.

Stacie said...

Suddenly I want some of those cookies...I also want to figure out how to avoid purple smoothies at all costs!

Diane said...

I love how you did your recap-- superb! And such a cute family!

sarajo said...

Don't feel bad about the potty training. My boys never potty train until they are 3.5 years old. We did some potty training this year too.

Being sick is hard. And that Costco scene, might have ruined berry smoothies for me too. :( lol!

Johanson Family said...

wow! sick enough to even wear a mask! Now that's serious! :) I want to say our January was full of RSV but I think I was blocking out that memory in my recap! We have a mini trampoline with handles in our playroom and its already caused bumps on heads and people to fall off in tears so I might have to wait a little longer till we can get a full blown tramp... fun pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are just too cute! I already want to delete this month from the calender, it has really been a bad month.

Mom of 12 said...

Love the mirrored sunglasses! And the pic of you on the tramp. Newest follower!

Kiddothings said...

Great review! That's a pretty good first quarter! Your kids are just adorable! :)

Sue said...

Okay, Em, I did it. Can't promise that I'll review the other three quarters, though. It took me FOREVER! And I didn't whittle it down as much as I should have, either...


Kim said...

Loved your review post but sorry to hear about all the illness, I don't miss those day of little ones being sick all the time.