"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

almost a chocolate river

it was tuesday morning,
and i had six $1 bills burning a whole in my wallet.
and two more dollars in change that i found inside my diaper bag.
covered in the crumbs of something that had fallen apart inside the pocket.
i'm guess nutrigrain bar.
but really, who can tell?
i was sad to find out my change was not accepted by the cotton candy machine.
i was really looking forward to watching my kids dance to the sugar sugar song while it spun.
the candy barrel was not a bad second option.
with a wishing well on the way.
6 pennies shorter, and we were on our way.
max kept putting different candies in her mouth.
brennan saving candies for later in his pockets,
so we ended up buying a few more pieces than i wanted,
but i got my vanilla and orange tootsie rolls,
so there were really no complaints to be had.
i just wish there was a willy wonka's chocolate factory.
just like the movie.
filled with everything chocolate.
with whipped cream mushrooms.
gum drops that fall from trees.
even the tulip tea cups.
a chocolate river would be nice too.
but i don't want to get too demanding here.


Emmy said...

Looks like fun! My kids have been on that train :)

jen said...

Finally got around to posting my gratitude for your generosity on the review. Thanks again. Putting that lightswitch up tonight!

Sue said...

That is my husband's favorite kind of store!


Missy said...

You're the best mom EVERRRRR! And I second that! I've always wondered why no one at least marketed the candy seen in the movie... HELLO! The lickable wall paper? Genius!

Amy said...

What a luscious day! Those kids of yours sure have the life! Man, I want to be that kind of a mom. Sadly, I have do diaper bag change.

Sarah said...

I LOVE vanilla tootsie rolls:). You are such a fun mommy.

Sarah said...

I LOVE vanilla tootsie rolls:). You are such a fun mommy.