"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 16, 2012


when i was pregnant with brennan my grandma gigi told me she knew i was having a boy.
b/c i was carrying my baby so high.
i had no idea what she was talking about.
when i got pregnant with miss max i did know she was super low.
like "whoa, she might fall out" kind of low.
i told my grandma i thought it was b/c she was my second.
and things just weren't holding up the same.
if you get ma' drift.
well holy moly,
what do ya' know!?
here i am
with another boy up high in my ribs.
his little kicks up there to prove it.
or head butts.
i'm really not sure which way he's currently pointed.
i guess gigi was right.
maybe not for you,
but me,
i carry my boys high.


Sue said...

Oddly, the same was true for me!


Emmy said...

Yea, I think my boys were higher too... Not sure though

The Jackson Family said...

Tyler was also a ribs boy, Lauren was a bladder girl. Both were torturous!

Renee Flovin said...

Awe! Emily! This is sweet! And you are still so tiny!!

Renee Flovin said...

Your site is adorable! And makes me a little teary eyed! (might be the hormones!) Its very sweet! And I can just feel the love in it!

Camillia G said...

I'm carrying this baby lower than I did max and I've known it from the beginning. Between that and how sick I've been I would guess this one is a girl. About 15 more weeks and I'll know!!!

Margaret Cooper said...

It's about time that you started showing!

Amy said...

Ha! I agree with Margaret Cooper. Seriously, girl, you are tiny. How nice it must be to know depending on how you carry the baby. Of course, the ultrasound helps with the knowing, but still, no doubts about it being the cord, right?