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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

letters to Emily {echinacea, facebook, & motherhood}

Dearest Miss Emiline Harris,
Okay, so this sick thing is fun.....TAG your it! That is the game we've been playing around here this winter. Bryce will have a cold then Smith then Bear then me...isn't it fun? I remember last year you guys were playing the same game, I hope it's different for you this winter. I thought we would fly passed the cold season with out being sick because when my herbalist sister came out to help deliver the baby, she brought this bottle of kids chewable echinacea tablets. We weren't getting sick when it seemed like the world around us was coughing and sniffling. We quickly ran out, and now we are getting sick.A. Vogel Echinaforce Junior Tablets 80
I need to get a hold of those tablets again. If you see them, get them. They are great. They taste good too. Anyway, I read your blog about pizza fridays. My mom did that all growing up. We had homemade pizza fridays. I loved it. Sometimes an occasional round table pizza would grace our presence, but mostly it was homemade. I remember my mom would make a huge hunk of dough so we could help put toppings on at least 4 pizzas. I think it is so fun to make food your kids can help with.
I think that is great you are swimming! I didn't swim with Bear and he ended up being a big baby. So hopefully your baby will be tiny and then get all chubby and round, because you are looking tiny these days.
I got second place in the LDS Living's recipe contest! It was fun to enter. I entered a strata, quite similar to your breakfast casserole.
Have you been reading the mom articles floating around on face book?
I read "Don't Carpe Diem" and I have to admit it, I hated it. But it got a lot of positive reviews, which surprised me. She made motherhood seem like there was only little moments of the day that are good, but the over all is stressful, tiring, chaotic, annoying, depressing and a hard choice. Motherhood is those things, but I don't feel it is the overall. She just sounded like a martyr(a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration) , and getting up everyday would be a feat before the day is over. To Carpe Diem is a beautiful thing! Whether she believes it or not, she is doing that by just getting up and facing the day. I talked to my mom about the article and she said all the lady needed was a nap and some icecream. I laughed at that. I guess it was just a little negative. But I did love the article "to the mother with one child". I thought it gave good perspective and a beautiful outlook on young mothers and seasoned ones as well.
You are an amazing mother and I look up to how much you make your family comfortable and happy. And everything you surround yourself in, are the choices you have made. If you look around yourself, aren't they the best choices in the world? I love my choices, and with every choice there is a consequence, so let us cease the day to it all!
Anyway, if you haven't read either one read them, they are good discussion.
For me and my world. I love being the mother of a special needs boy. He is so heavenly. Bryce and him have grown very close since Bear has been born. He is in charge of Smith when he walks through the door from school, until he leave again the next morning. Weekends are great because he pretty much takes care of him all weekend long. Remember when Smith was new new new, and you would drive to my house to have lunch and talk about nursing and our babies. It was like the new mom club, we would switch every month, your house, my house. Fun times. Now you are having another boy!!! I can't even picture another boy! I wonder if he will have blonde hair or brown hair? How have you been feeling? Craving anything other than apple juice? Well my sweet Emily. LOve you

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Sue said...

I love this old-fashioned correspondence between you and your friend.