"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, March 5, 2012

an old chevy {35 weeks}

if i lean forward i can see my feet.
my belly button is completely popped out.
even with a shirt covering it you can see.
if i sit on the floor,
there is no getting up gracefully.
in fact,
it's downright heeth-en-istic. {is that a word?}
not pretty.
crawling is more difficult than walking and bending over.
i had to learn this the hard way today at church.
{nursery leader, picking up toys, you get the idea...}
TUMS. don't leave home without them.
yet i keep forgetting them.
do not expect me to be the one to move out of your way.
and i won't apologize or excuse myself for it either.
it just is.
dresses and skirts that used to go past my knees now go above my knees.
tights fix this issue.
thank you tights.
my tummy is tired by 7pm,
or 2pm,
or both.
and i feel like it can't hold itself up anymore.
the skin just starts to feel like it's going to rip at the seems.
sometimes i hoist my belly onto the counter or try to hold it up with my arms and hands.
either way,
i don't look very cute in the process.
you'll either pity me or laugh.
i prefer you to laugh.
the same goes for my bra.
it cannot be worn past 8pm
if i have been sitting for more than a few minutes i will get up and walk like an 85 year old woman.
grunts and wincing almost always occur during this process as well.
but just like an old chevy,
give me a few minutes to warm up, and i'll be on my way in no time.
just don't downshift.
or make me stop at a stoplight.
i may not restart.
when choosing between sitting or making food i've been choosing sitting.
food can wait.
my achy body cannot.
this is foreign territory.
i don't like it.
someone bring me a snack.
and some lemon ice water.
with a straw.
and ice.
not to be demanding or anything {big smile here}.
tell me you are tired and achy,
i can talk with you and empathize all day about it.
and then i will feel guilty about talking about it so much and wonder if you are thinking i am whining.
but then i won't worry anymore b/c i won't care what you think.
i will just care about trying to sit down to rest.
have mercy,
i don't remember the end being like this with the others...
and i mean that in a bad way.
all at once.


Sue said...

You look great, Em, but I remember well the feeling of aching muscles trying to hold up that big belly. The fourth pregnancy, I bought a pregnancy girdle that had criss cross bands at the bottom to support the weight of my stomach. It was the best thing ever!


Tiffany said...

You look darling!!

Sean and Melanie Pike said...

You have to try prilosec for heartburn!! Saved my life! Tums did nothing....

Emmy said...

I totally was the same way with my bra at the end, it just made me feel like I could not breath!

Candace Pelz said...

You look wonderful! :)

Sophie said...

You look so cute!