"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, March 4, 2012

the booger on my shoe {happy 4th B}

 "mom, can i just have whipped cream in my mouth now?"
-brennan 4 yrs old
brennan woke up before dawn and snuck downstairs to steal my camera.
and peak at all of his birthday breakfast table surprises.
he then took about twenty pictures of the table, carpet, us sleeping, his bed, and his face.
the ones of us sleeping are my favorite.
although i wish he would have taken them of our faces.
maybe some good drool shots.
they only show our bed in the dark.
oddly hilarious when you imagine what his little 4 year old mind must have been thinking.
he finally woke us up sometime after 7,
demanding to know where his spiderman guy was b/c he needed him.
i was tired from yesterday and grumpy.
sean was much more chipper and tried to coax brennan into bed with us.
to no avail.
i was mad that he changed the settings on my camera yet again b/c now it only takes blurry pictures,
and blurry pictures on your birthday are just not what i call a kodak moment.
and i can never figure out how to change it back.
i eventually got out of bed and tried to put my best birthday face on for my first born's 4th.
it was a fight.
not even the whipped cream in my mouth was pulling me completely out.
not my finest hour,
but thankfully sean was on his game and awfully perky for the both of us.
brennan gladly put his crown on and the games began.
we somehow managed to open presents, eat our waffles, get ready, and make it to church by 9am.
truly a christmas miracle.
and do you know what my 4 yr old did at church?
besides put on a circus with his 2 yr old sister that is.
well, he had a booger.
which he never picks.
b/c that's gross.
this i have taught him.
this he has learned.
only mommy is allowed to pick your boogers.
which he has to be bribed to let me do anyway.
"they're good in there, they like it! leave them!"
this is what he says to me about his boogers.
they are his people up in his nose.
it's gross.
and i have an obsession with getting them out.
so he hid under the pew while i dug for a wet wipe.
and when he came back up i was like a booger ninja there to swipe it out.
quick and painless.
but no booger.
b/c i had JUST seen it.
so i asked him,
"where did the booger go?"
{oh how fun it is for the people in front of and behind us at church}
"i picked it out," he said.
"oh. gross. where did you put it?"
{for sure it was on his shirt, this is what i thought.}
and then he answered.
very matter-a-factly,
"on your shoe."
and then i gasped.
and checked both my shoes.
finding the booger.
right where he left it.
sean and i laughed until we cried.
very irreverent.
but really,
there is no such thing as reverence in our pew anyway.
after cake and presents with cousins and grandparents we cleaned up
{thank you mom, so glad you're home},
and put the kids to bed.
when i went to tuck him in,
i found brennan's new gold power ranger toy in bed with him,
fast asleep on his pillow.
when i went to tell sean,
he confessed that when he told brennan he didn't think it was a good idea for the power ranger to sleep with him tonight,
brennan told him,
"he's ok. i'll just hide him under my pillow so mom won't find him."
sean said he couldn't take it away after that.
it was just too cute.
a smile came over my face,
and a new warm fuzzy place etched itself on my heart.
i love that little boy.
 happy happy to my little pork loin!
you really know how to make me laugh.
and i absolutely love it.
except when it's before 7am.


becca said...

aw happy birthday little man

Sue said...

He is such a keeper. Happy birthday to him.


Emmy said...

Well at least he told you where it was :) hehe too funny.
And so good he waited that long to wake you up, my kids will try right away to get us up if they are up usually