"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 17, 2012


in the afternoon shade,
it's perfect:)
i love a baby on a clockwork schedule.
nearly impossible with the third.
this is what everyone told me.
but come hell or high water i was determined to try.
epic fail.
who knew they don't have to have a schedule to be happy?
i thought they did.
but they don't.
b/c i thought i needed one to be happy too.
go figure.
i don't.
the third really does change all of the rules.
and i mean that in a good way today.


Amy said...

Chase has your eyes! Gorgeous. Afternoon shade is delicious with the coolness and the blanketing heat all in one.
Schedules are divine, but the spontaneity of no schedule and the unpredictability of no schedule is exciting. Like a treasure hunt. Never knowing what is around the next corner. Relish it.

Sue said...

Have to admit I still stuck to a schedule, even with the later kids. But if you can enjoy the serendipity, more power to ya!


jen said...

I love Max's dress. And May/June is the most beautiful time of year in UT. Enjoy it for me.

becca said...

sometime breaking the rules do make one happy so maybe this little champ is a rule breaker

Emmy said...

SEe- told you so ;P

hehe kidding kidding, but yes the third does just have to go with the flow