"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 18, 2012

puddle swimming

"i'm playing mean and good marshmallow.
And I am the mean marshmallow eater."
-brennan 4 yrs old-
he was drenched before he even made it into the pool for swimming lessons.
very convenient when you're going to get wet anyway.
along with the rest of us.
except we weren't going to get wet.
but we did.
the rain hit my face and soaked my rain coat right when i stepped out of the car,
and it made me feel like a kid on one of our trips to iowa to see my grandparents.
the thunder and lightening would roll in,
huge sheets of rain falling,
humid air,
a monsoonal downpour.
raincoats and galoshes,
except i don't own galoshes now,
and wore my flip flops instead.
knowing my pants would be wet up to my knees,
and they were,
but i did not want to wear furry uggs to the indoor, hot, humid, pool deck,
{just the thought is nauseating--a shirt and shorts is sometimes too hot},
chase gasped when the rain hit his face.
first time for everything:)
after 8 hours i've finally warmed up from the morning soak.
chase is cooing in his bouncer,
max is napping,
brennan is playing with a friend out back,
and the birds are talking to each other in the trees around our house.


Sue said...

Beautiful kids you have there, Em!

And very mean marshmallows.


Amy said...

Best part of a summer rain soak? The cocoa and marshmallows. What delight. Great story telling!