"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

while i was nursing...{tramp chips}

brennan snuck the first bag out without me batting an eyelash.
max came whipping through the backdoor and grabbed something blue.
like a flying pink flash.
then out.
from what i thought came from the recent costco loot i had left on the counter so i could hurry and feed chase.
after she ran outside with it i kept trying to remember what i had bought that was metallic blue.
but they were outside and no one was fighting.
leaving chase i inside happily nursing.
so i enjoyed the quiet and marvelled in my beautiful nursing life.
about 10 minutes later i found them.
on a hot tramp,
with hundreds of my favorite peanut butter and white chocolate chips,
they were picking up each melted morsel and enjoying their delicacies.
at first i tried to salvage what i could.
packing as many melted chips back into the reese's peanut butter chip bag as i could.
it didn't hit me until i brought them inside that our tramp is filthy,
and of course i had already licked my fingers several times in the cleaning up process.
what did i really plan to do with all of these melted chips anyway???
i left them on the counter in mourning,
scolded the two culprits calmly {really, i did. it was a good day. go me.}
b/c on the way home from costco i was just thinking that they hadn't done anything naughty while i was nursing in awhile,
and maybe we were beyond that.
and i just kept thinking "this is funny."

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becca said...

he he when they are quiet you know they are up to no good