"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, May 20, 2012

"working at the car wash, yeah..."

friday nights and saturday afternoons
have become my favorite times of the entire week.
sean is home with us,
homemade pizza and take out always grace our table,
and with the warm weather
it means we are outside for most of it.
we were all,
{except max and chase}
a little red from the sun last night.
i am ashamed to say
she was the only one i took the time to put sunscreen on.
chase is a man of the shade for now.
time to dig out the mother load of sunscreen from the swim bag in the basement,
where it will sit on my counter for the entire summer.
b/c if it's not convenient,
it appears i won't use it.
and that just won't work.
my skin may be made for the clouds and fog,
but my heart was made for the sun!
{and snow}


Amy said...

Ha! I love you're summer nights. They sound glorious and magical.

becca said...

wow the little ones are working hard hope there was ice cream for payment after such a great job

Sue said...

What a nice, big yard you have!

And the picture of the kids made me smile. I loved to wash cars when I was a kid. What could be more fun than that??