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Friday, June 29, 2012


the closest wild fire i've ever seen.
in herriman, about 15 min across the valley from us.
i saw it around 3:30 today after i put chase down for his nap.
coming down the stairs i caught the billowing smoke straight on.
the smell was thick right when i opened the front door.
the news had so many fire symbols on the state map last night 
that i couldn't even count how many were burning across utah right now.
one more tonight.
god bless the red cross and the homes that are burning.


Sue said...

So sad.

In California, we know fire a little too well.


Sue said...

PS. Especially where I grew up in So Cal. Every summer we'd have them close by our house...


Amy said...

I cannot believe the amount of wildfires right now. Between UT and CO it is scary. To have it so close to your home is scary as well. My heart goes out to the people who have lost their homes. Hopefully the fires can be contained soon.

Emmy said...

Yes way too many-- hope they can be put out soon!!