"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 18, 2012

just call me June Cleaver

getting a new fridge
best way to clean out your condiments past code.
the winner was Worcestershire sauce from 06/14/07.
that little beauty traveled with us from rexburg to salt lake,
and then to our new home here.
i think i used it once back in 2007.
i dare you to go into your fridge right now,
and find something dated longer than that.
this could get exciting:)
please, do share.
i've never been so excited for the 3-6pm window.
when did a kitchen appliance get so exciting???
today it did.
just call me june cleaver,
and tell me it's 1955.


becca said...

i do this once a month clean out half empty bottle that we no longer use it's amazing what your fridge collects

Amy said...

I want to be June Cleaver. Such a great feeling, isn't it? And holy smokes, I am surprised you didn't throw that away when you moved into your house from your apartment! That is incredible!

Sue said...

Let's just hope they show up!


Emmy said...

We have mustard from 07- but yep you win. And glad you threw it out