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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sunflowers & pumpkin flowers

me in my jammies:)
{i'm 5'5" and with my arms raised up this sunflower is still a couple of feet taller.}
{that's a watermelon patch at the bottom.}
p.s. red pants during football season are only ok if you wear your BYU shirt with them.
every morning i come downstairs, 
open all of my blinds, 
and walk out into the wet grass to look at how much everything has grown during the night.
{i survey baby chase the same way after he nurses in the morning.}
sometimes things literally DOUBLE in size while we sleep.
it's amazing.
then i come back into my kitchen,
and watch the bees pollinate the pumpkin flowers as i make breakfast for all of us.
the big orange pumpkin leaves only open up in the morning.
once a pumpkin has started growing, 
the flower closes up and the pumpkin fruit starts growing on the ground.
there are already over ten pumpkins growing.
and 5 watermelons.
i can't wait for the sunflowers to pop open and bend over from the weight of their seeds.
the trunks of the biggest ones are bigger than my wrist around.
and the heads at the tops always follow the sun's direction through the day.
it's just not august in our yard without big giant sunflowers against the fence.


Emmy said...

Those will be huge, they will be so pretty when they have the flower. And yes football season is coming up quick! We ordered our new shirts for this year a few days ago.

Sue said...

We love sunflowers around here!


Amy said...

What a lovely morning routine! Watching your plants and children grow is so rewarding, isn't it? I love that you always have sunflowers. They are beautiful. And huge!