"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

oatmeal & rolling over {firsts}

i fed chase his first bowl of oatmeal last night.
sean was bathing max and brennan in the tub, 
so chase and i sat in the hall next to them.
a family affair:)
there's nothing more entertaining than watching a baby take their first bites.
the look of utter confusion and amazement all at once.
especially on the first day that they roll over from their tummy to their back.
"firsts" never get old, even with the third.
don't let anyone tell you any different!
what on earth did mothers feed their children before gerber instant baby oatmeal?
i'm in the market for another option...
{WWJOD--What Would Jamie Oliver Do?!}
cream of wheat and blended quick oats are on my menu for him next.
his gag reflex is top notch.
so we learned tonight:)
i'm not saying i'm not doing gerber.
i'm just saying i'm thinking about it.
have you?
wasn't he just a sleepy newborn??!!


Sue said...

I always used Gerber mixed cereal.

But Cream of Wheat might do the trick, if you made it thin enough. Otherwise it could be a little gaggy.


Amy said...

I have a friend who purees all of her own baby food and freezes it. She just had to pull it out of the freezer, warm it up and baby gets real vegetables and fruits, nothing added, mama had complete control of additives and preservatives. Genius!
Yay for rolling over. I love his expressions. And yes, Jamie Oliver is the cooking... Guru? What would you even call him? Genius, that is what i call him.