"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, October 21, 2012

breaking up with vacation is hard to do.

note to self: 
do not wash the Cinderella princess sparkle dress with all of your laundry from vacation.
it will leave every piece of clothing you own covered in sparkles.
and your dryer thing packed with sand AND sparkles.
the girls are more excited about this than the boys.
i tried to convince sean that sparkles bring excitement to monday mornings.
especially if you wear black pants with sparkles on them!
he's not feeling the excitement.
after an 11 hour drive home yesterday 
we rolled up to cafe rio for take out
{we call ahead, it's wonderful,}
came home,
unloaded the car for necessities only,
fed and bathed all children 4 and under,
and put dirty laundry into hampers.
only b/c we couldn't find the baby monitor.
b/c it was in the last bag, 
in the last pockets we searched.
then, this morning we woke up all three of our kids at 8:30am 
to make it to church for the primary program.
brennan said his line oh so very well,
insisting he needed NO help.
so proud:)
and wedged between two 8 year olds in the front row, 
he did rock and sand actions for the "wise men/foolish man" song. 
it was just so so cute.
we spent the rest of the day at home today napping, eating, and all around recovering.
i had no idea how tired i was until i sat down to watch hocus pocus with brennan, 
and completely fell asleep.
i kept dreaming that my cousin from the Midwest was upstairs cleaning my bathrooms,
but i knew i was dreaming b/c i knew there was no way she would be upstairs cleaning my bathrooms,
so i thought to myself,
"well, i'd better just walk around until i wake up from this dream, b/c i am for sure dreaming."
have you ever known you were dreaming like that before???
i am back to using lotion and chapstick on an hourly basis,
and have had a long sleeve shirt, pants, and socks on the entire day.
so wonderful!
oh how i was wishing the hum of my furnace would have been running in the background noise today.
instead,my oven and a space heater warmed us all up.
the leaves all changed while we were in california,
so all of the trees on our street are beautiful yelllows, reds, and some remaining greens.
breaking up with vacation is hard to do.
that was an AMAZING trip!!!
brennan said he wants to go back to the beach in,
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days."
and counted the days on his fingers as he counted them.
all in favor say "EYE."
{EYE know that's not how you spell that.}


becca said...

coming home from vacation is the hardest thing to do

Sue said...

I think sparkles sound just right after a vacation like yours!


Amy said...

Faye would love to have sparkles on everyone's clothes. What a fun vacation!