"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

goodbye big bertha

it read 62.5 degrees on my thermostat this morning. 
oh the memories of living in a basement apartment!
we have all of our space heaters out and running.
along with our oven.
one more week, 
and we will have a fancy brand new furnace running in our basement.
compliments of superior water and air.
i can hardly wait to turn that beautiful baby on.
last night sean came home from work early, and we took down the garden.
he found another watermelon, another pumpkin, some great dried out sunflower seeds that the birds didn't get to (but the rain did b/c i didn't have time to pick them out--hopefully they'll be ready next week), 
and a field mouse.
he thoroughly made me jump when i went to pick up one of my big bertha sunflower stems and he shouted, "ahhh!!!" and lunged at me.
classic sean.
good thing i didn't have to go pee.
so today i'm relishing in all of our warm weather clothing that i've been oh so looking forward to wearing.
and picking up my old habits of standing in front of a space heater, wrapped in a blanket.
let me tell you,
it's the warmest feeling on the planet.
as the air comes up and traps itself inside of the blanket.
especially when you lay down on a couch after you've been warming yourself for 5 minutes. 
can't wait to turn on our furnace next week.
t-minus 7 days.

and don't you worry,
a little cold air would never deter brennan from his underwear only wearing state.
he takes the BRRRRRR to a whole new level!!!


Sue said...

Still wish I could pick all those cherry tomatoes!


Amy said...

Oooh, I love the harvest there! Such bounty. You were very blessed this year.