"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 29, 2012

sunflowers, roses, & steaks

i cut back all of my rose bushes this afternoon.
my dad helped me carry all of the thorny clippings to the side of the house.
i only got pricked by one thorn.
in my hand.
and one thorn in my foot.
i don't think i'll ever learn to NOT cut back the roses in my flip flops.
not fun to step on a thorn in flip flops.
i got a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses for my table from the backyard rose bush.
70 degrees and sunny.
kids on the tramp and riding bikes.
picking out sunflower seeds in between.
my dad grilling steaks on the be-be-Que,
with his famous baby red potatoes 
and brussel sprouts {grilled with bacon from the meat counter at the store--YUM} on the side.
please don't let october end yet.


Sue said...

dinner, roses, and a baby

what could be better?


Sue said...

PS. My offering today is a Halloween story poem if you'd like to take a look before the 31st passes us by:

Halloween Horror: A Ghostly Tale

Wendy Williams said...

I know I'm a "lurker" on your blog, but I simply must say that baby Chase's expressions crack...me...up!!!!! And good for you making Brennan clean up his "B". :)

Amy said...

I WILL have sunflowers when I have a garden. I will!