"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

twenty-one {pun'kins}

tonight we picked our pumpkins.
sean had each kid walk along our pumpkin patch and select their favorite one as theirs.
then they decided to find the smallest one and declare it for baby man chase.
we lined them up one by one as we scoured our patch. 
brennan counted them over and over and over again.
max followed behind him repeating the numbers he called out.
she is his shadow.
so cute.
then they started doing tricks over the line of pumpkins we made across the grass.
until brennan fell on one of the stems,
scraped his tummy,
and pouted that he couldn't do any "cool tricks." {see above picture}
chase sat in his seat and watched it all.
6 months old today--i adore him.
his red/blonde hair,
bright blue eyes,
and dimpled cheeks over his smile.
i swoooooon over that baby man chase ray:)
we found a watermelon and a pumpkin that appeared to be getting frisky together under the leaves.
a pumpkin that wanted to be a christmas ornament hanging on my burning bush tree,
and two tiny pumpkin buds that there just won't be enough time to let grow.
21 in all {23 if you count the baby buds}.
my porch is surely the happiest it's ever been.
me too:)


Emmy said...

Love all of these pictures! How awesome that you got so many. That truly is impressive.

Amy said...

That naked boy always makes me laugh. Will he ever like clothes? Probably not. :)
Love the pumpkins and the family harvest. Gorgeous. All of it.