"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 4, 2012

firsts {haircut}

yesterday i took little miss max to miss kim 
{who's been cutting my hair since i was the right bold age of 18 i might add}. 
i had never cut her hair before.
and the whole thing intimidated me.
the stars aligned and it grew it evenly with bangs from birth.
but the ends have been looking a little frazzled lately,
so i scheduled her to get the star treatment from the ever lovely miss kim.
complete with a princess braid at the end.
she clung to me when we walked in,
burried her head in my neck,
and cried through the entire cut once i set her in the chair.
she wouldn't look up in the beginning,
just held her eyes down.
i thought for sure she'd try to get down or run away,
but she just sat there looking down.
scared to get in the big chair and do something she'd never done before.
{both of the boys have had haircuts by 4 months old by yours truly}.
by the end she slowly warmed up and gladly agreed to have her newly trimmed locks braided,
with a pink sucker for all to be forgiven.
pink ice cream, as promised on the way home.
oh so fun to enjoy my little max.
and while we drove home we talked about how sometimes new things are scary at first,
but then they're not so bad at all.
b/c sometimes they end up really sweet.



Missy said...

I love how she suddenly starts to switch over when she sees her hair getting braided... like, "hmm... okay. I like where this is headed. I am kinda cute, aren't I?" ADORABLE!

Emmy said...

Awe those little tears! Sweet little thing!

But yes in the end it is all good :)

Amy said...

I have always been jealous of her hair. It is so beautiful! And what a champ she is! I love that braid. I need to learn how to do it!