"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

lost things

i used to be a teacher,
i miss the crafts.
i realized that yesterday.
i have bins AND bins AND bins of all of my old crafts.
and three darling children to do them with:)
good thing:)
{how many kids can you count above? 3 is right.}
 we've been busy doing really important things today.
a riveting tea party with all of our favorite super heroes.
which led us to wonder where blue and black batman, robin, and green lantern had run off to.
which took us to brennan's bedroom, where max now also sleeps, 
whereupon the kids climbed under their beds and came out with treasures!
not the treasure we were looking for,
but other treasures we've been wondering about looking for FOR months.
chase tickled the ivories and brennan declared,
"he's like a real piano man."
the little red piano is officially his new favorite toy.
i just love how babies look sitting at it.
smiling at the sound of the keys as they bang.
when they get older,
the banging sound on the little red piano is less cute.
i dare say annoying,
but little babies,
not annoying,
just darling.
our most exciting find of the day:
he was lost,
and now he is found.
i think i was jumping up and down the highest.
but i attribute that to my height.
other lost things of great importance that were found: 
our favorite thanksgiving book 
{"t'was the night before thanksgiving," you MUST read it. it's hilairous.}
sleeping beauty figurine
and max's original binky panda buddy {HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!}
the following occurred when i laid on my tummy to take the above picture of chase...

i give you,
"piano man."


Sue said...

I am way more into piano man than lizard man.


Amy said...

Best. Mom. Ever!!!